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✔ Best for standard and up Trello customers
✔ at least 14 days Microsoft Store money-back guarantee *
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For everyone :)


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In your system is already prepared to accept snaps, you can just type

snap install focus-project

in a terminal, and follow the instructions to start using it.

Ad-hoc upgrading an already installed snap:

snap refresh focus-project


* The money back guarantee has been confirmed via numerous calls, the majority of which suggested the period is actually 30 days, but to be on the fair side, only the less frequently heard of 14 is suggested above.
** More for your money: expect many improvements + frequent (say monthly) updates.
Should they not reach you automagically, this version will start to nag you after a period to check out if there's anything better that you deserve installed (but not in a too disturbing manner).


Please find out more here ▸

Recommended Configuration

Ubuntu/Windows 10
300 MB free space
2 GB memory
Details ▸


Unhappy with obtaining from the stores for some reason? A few popular platforms are our more regular test platforms and we may be able to supply direct downloads for the corresponding preview installers.

OS Download size
Ubuntu 20 < 100 MB
Ubuntu 18 < 100 MB
Windows 10 < 50 MB

For security considerations, we have removed access to these, but we may be able to provide them if the need arises. Let us know in this case, or if you'd like some other build, e.g. MacOS!

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