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0.5.6 & 0.5.7

Advanced checklists support

  • Advanced view (on/off using "A")
  • Due date and member selection ("D" and "E"), more in shortcuts ▸
  • Quick checkitem due dates (today/next week etc., available e.g. via "S"). If there are timezone details configured, it is taken into account.

Tiny things

Several tiny fixes, efficiency improvements (some, especially those around checklists are a bit experimental, but more or less working), also:

  • Added a Check Trello Status option to the Help menu

0.5.5 & 0.5.6

Shortcut revisions/improvements

  • Ctrl+- to toggle checklist collapsing
  • Enter to open attachments gallery
  • F2 works for link & image editing
  • F11 to maximize/unmaximize (or just height-maximize, where appropriate)
  • More options for images in the description view

Markdown editing improvements

  • More distinctive monospace text
  • "Insert Active Card Link" option
  • More options for images in the preview

UX improvements


  • Image editing
  • Attachments
  • Markdown editing
  • Checklists
  • Settings

0.5.3 & 0.5.4 changes by area

Several tiny user experience improvements, fixes

0.5.1 & 0.5.2 changes by area


  • Fix: catch up with the more secure new Trello access method, so that they load ... :)
  • By the way, a faster loading!

Todo lists

  • Progress indicator
  • Item collapsing (Ctrl+U)
  • "Quick todos" available from todo list editor (Ctrl+D)

(And of course, several tiny fixes)


(This list has just started - for a more overarching, non-chronological listing, see the Feature List ▸)


  • Friendlier setups
  • Option to retake

Image editing

  • Some new features (full width/height
  • Rich markdown text editing
  • Some degree of autosizing for captions - i.e. texts with an outline - & texts

Editor improvements

  • Some syntax highlighting (optional)
  • Faster page title extraction for links
  • Toggle bulletpoints/list numbers

Todo improvements

  • Quick Todo dialog (from menu)
    Create multiple todos rapidly!

  • Ability to just "drag & drop a link" to the todo list
    "Quick" page title extraction for some common link types (Facebook, Twitter, GitHub) that otherwise could require a login

Getting to the active card made easier

  • Offer switching to the containing board/list,
  • Unfilter if need be

More discrete indication of network problems

Small things

Web cache slightly improved
+ robustness

(And of course, many fixes ;) )

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