Come power outage, lost wifi, F|P still keeps some of your data - to keep You going, thanks to its Data Snapshots ▸ feature.

But the plan was to give you a lightweight Offline Mode as well - using the snapshots ...

... and although incomplete, it's now much more than just a plan!

What it is for

This feature is to allow you to take better use of Trello for instance during your travels, or whenever you are offline for whatever planned or less foreseen reason.


✓ Checking/searching the current board
✓ Creating/ticking todos
✓ Taking quick notes e.g. creating cards
✓ (Re-)estimating tasks

while on the go (train/plane/...)/your mobile data runs out, etc.

Getting started

To utilize it - or just try it out - you'll need

1. Data Snapshots

Check if they are enabled - you can only use boards with existing snaphots in offline mode - see Settings > Data Snapshots.

2. Recency

Of course the more recent the data snapshots the more the app will know about what Trello boards looked like.

(If you prefer that e.g. over the as you go, taking a quick snapshot by Quick Save before going offline can also help.)
3. Patience :)

It is still a not well-tested, experimental/beta feature - so please don't trust your life to it.

If things go mad ...

First of all, please don't get mad yourself :)

  • if in Live Mode *, try refreshing: press F5
  • if in Offline Mode try going to live mode (exit Offline Mode) and back to Offline Mode
  • should these fail, try relaunching (e.g. via Tray Menu > Relaunch) the app

* Live Mode ~ not in offline mode/viewing a snapshot

What it does

✓ Allows you to edit Trello cards & todos locally while offline

Based on the most recent snapshot of the board, the app allows making proposed changes. Whenever going offline, the recent modifications made via the app (off/online) should show (after restarts too).

✓ Applies the changes remotely when back online

The modifications will be applied to Trello once the app finds a chance, practically manages to connect to Trello. The changes are preserved on disk and restarting the PC/the app should not make a difference to this process.

✓ Reduces the network activity

This is partially implemented but may help with the battery life (at least it shouldn't harm it once the feature gets ready :) ).

Limitations ⚠

1. "Very beta" state

The feature is in a very beta state (experimental/preview)
Maybe use it for less relevant bits, like ticking a todo, fixing a typo, until you are convinced that it works for your purposes or we will have tested it out ourselves.

The design may even fundamentally change, it may still throw errors (albeit none of these is expected too much).

2. The feature is partial

  • Takes more work - what seemed most relevant has been done first
  • Also due to lack of testing - until stable, deletion is so discouraged that it is explicitly prevented :) (no hard surprises)

3. Known issues

Todo prioritisation (e.g. moving a checklist item up) sometimes gets lost (?).

Probably not the worst thing on Earth, seems better than nothing at all, but watch out, finishing touches may need to be done again - and if it's truly relevant, maybe just do it when online.


With Focus|Project for Trello 0.6.8, however incomplete, the Offline Mode coverage has significantly grown and includes the app's support for basic card details except moving cards between lists and archival/deletion - the latter being prevented by design (imagine your colleague losing edits as they didn't know you have deleted that card! o.O )

A reasonably complete unsupported list

  • Moving and archiving/deleting cards, checklists, todos,
  • Commenting on cards, attachments (e.g. image insertion)
  • Advanced checklist details (due date, member)

(Then there is no support at all for changing card members at this time - what the app doesn't support isn't available. This includes custom fields as well as list/board creation/deletion etc. - stuff probably best handled by Trello itself and what the app so far hasn't aimed for.)

(Remark: the feature previously only allowed card creation so this sounded disappointing - party hats on :) - there has been a lot of progression!)

Closing warnings ⚠

Please remember this is an early version, this feature is not that well tested and there are more bits to come.

... but if you only need to make a couple of modifications during your inbound journey, that should work.

(And this doesn't mean it doesn't work - but let's stay on the safe side - if it does work well, you may be the first to find out, and even then it may depend on your circumstances. Anyway, just let us know it works we'll be happy :))) )

Ready to try?

Still not scared enough? :)

The app is waiting for you in the stores ▸

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